Welcome to the Grassroots Community HQ Field Ops Program.

You’re here because you care about getting signatures for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi and are willing to commit your time to the effort.

It is crucial that every hour spent on field operations results in solid numbers of high-quality qualified elector signatures.

This series of questions is designed to fine-tune your skills and correct common errors, so that you are equipped to meet this goal.

Refer to your training materials and experience, and complete to the best of your ability.

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Mobile Phone
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Who is the MM2020 program designed to help? *
It's OK for someone to sign for someone else, as long as it is an immediate family member. *
What is the deadline for gathering signatures for MM2020? *
What is the deadline for gathering signatures for MM2020?
Which of these are examples of good places to gather signatures? *
Each petition must have the entire text of Amendment 65 stapled to it. *
How many counties per sheet?
What role do doctors play in MM2020? *
What are the things to make sure of?
Medical marijuana does not contain THC. *
What are some good examples of clothing to wear while signature gathering? *
What gives off the best impression?
Which 3 essential steps must be completed before payment is sent? *
It's OK to abbreviate the city & county and skip the middle initial. *
Hint: begin with something like "that's just not what we're talking about..."